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Monday, April 10, 2006

Pray Chamundi and then aim Acid at a girl's face

Pray at Chamundi Hills and then aim acid at a girl's face!

We live in age of ironies!

All over India , and come Dasara, there's celebration involving mainly godesses. Durga pooja in West Bengal,Garbha Dances in Navarathri and at our own Chamundi temple on the top of the hills.During this time Saraswati pooja is also observed seeking the goddess's blessings. This is one time in the whole of India, when both women AND MEN go to temples, seek the blessings of Godesses for education, health and proserity.We at Mysore observe these poojas in a grand scale.

Yet... yet there's violence unlimited is unleashed on women in innumerable ways- from treatment as second grade citizens, abuses, both physical, mental, sexual and finally on the girl child, who should not be fed ,clothed and who should not be born at all, if our friendly sonologist at the corner shop can help out!

There is a distinct dichotmy here... No where they worship feminine gods as we do here... no where are they treated so shabbily...

Could any sociologist, psychologist or ANYBODY explain this irony and what could be done to correct this aberration?

E.R. Ramachandran